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Call 9904-3011! Need an iso-break? Come and pick up some takeaway!
We are also trialing home delivery → free to postcode 2089/2090, $5 to surrounding suburbs Cammeray, Mosman, North Sydney, Crows Nest.
We are also offering deep discounts off our delicious boutique wines.

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Jugemu and Shimbashi Takeaway & Delivery Menu

Only $10? Wait, what???

Want something really fresh, quick & nutritious for dinner?
How about our takeaway packs of freshly made soba noodles to cook at home?
Each pack comes with the traditional condiments and Tsuyu dipping broth (for noodles served cold) or tasty soup to eat hot!

Cooking instructions:
To prepare, bring water to a rolling boil in the biggest saucepan you have. Add fresh soba noodles and gently separate with chopsticks. Remove from heat as soon as water returns to boiling point (literally just a minute or two. Taste test a strand for al dente-ness!) Quickly strain into a colander under cold running water and gently rinse noodles while detangling with your fingers to remove starch. Serve cold with accompanying dipping broth, or hot by placing noodles in bowl of pre-warmed soup.


"The first reason is because the food served here is of the highest standard. The menu changes regularly and always features traditional Japanese dishes that I have not seen served in other restaurants in Sydney. To explore the menu here is pure delight. The main reason that I enjoy this restaurant so much is the utter professionalism shown by the staff. Informal yes, but behind that exterior is a steely resolve to quiet frankly present the very best dining experience to its patrons. I will continue to return to the Ju Ge Mu as often I as can. "
John Durham

Soba chips $6
traditional crispy fried buckwheat noodle chips

Edamame $7
blanched soybean pods with salt

Goma-ae $8
wilted seasonal greens mixed with sesame dressing

Tamagoyaki (4pcs) $10
Japanese style tasty rolled omelette

Agedashi Tofu (3pcs) $12
lightly fried tofu in bonito stock broth

Korokke (2pcs) $10
home-made potato croquettes with minced beef

Tori Bone Karaage (4pcs) $14
Japanese-style crispy fried marinated chicken
served with wasabi mayo & ponzu

Gyoza (4pcs) $10
home-made dumplings with pork+beef
/ prawn+chicken / half-&-half

Nasu Dengaku $10
delicious eggplant coated with seared tasty miso

Grilled Beef Tongue $7.5
skewer of grilled beef tongue marinated in miso

Tempura – prawn (2pcs) $9
- seasonal veges $14
Garden salad $15
Tofu salad $14
Rice $5
Miso soup $4
Oshinko pickles $8


Jugemu Special $22
deluxe mix of pork belly, prawn, calamari &
scallops topped with shallots

Genki Dama $20
wagyu beef slices with shallots, garlic chips,
fried egg on top

Country Vege Mix $20
assorted vegetables, potato slices & mochi


Soba (freshly made in-house 2x daily)
or Udon

* chooice of hot (served in hot soup) or cold (with hot
or cold dipping broth)

* vegetarian stock available
DIY soba pack to cook at home $10
fresh uncooked soba with
accompanying condiments + dipping broth/soup
Plain $13.5
noodles in hot soup or cold noodles with
cold dipping broth

Oroshi $19
snowy mountain of grated daikon radish with
cold dipping broth or hot soup

Duck $20
with sliced duck fillet - choice of cold noodles with
hot dipping broth or hot soup

Duck & Japanese Mushrooms $23
with sliced duck fillet and assorted 355px - choice of
cold noodles with hot dipping broth or hot soup
Chicken & Japanese Mushrooms $20
with chicken and assorted Japanese mushrooms -
choice of cold noodles with hot dipping broth or hot soup
Tempura $20
with assorted tempura on the side - choice of
cold noodles with cold dipping broth or hot soup

Walnut Soba (soba) $22
chicken, veges and Japanese mushrooms in
walnut & sesame base soup - choice of hot or cold

Mushroom $20
with assorted Japanese mushrooms - choice of
cold noodles with hot dipping broth or hot soup

Curry $19
with chicken in curry-flavoured soup, choice of
cold noodles with hot dipping broth or in hot soup

Vege Lovers (soba) $20
assorted veges and tofu in hot vegetable stock soup

Nabeyaki (udon) $22
udon noodles in hot pot soup with chicken,
boiled veges, runny egg and prawn tempura


Teriyaki Chicken $24
Saikyo Miso Cod $30
grilled toothfish marinated in housemade
saikyo white miso

Pork Tonkatsu $23
thick slices of crumbed and fried pork loin
served with shredded cabbage


Sashimi – sml $23/lge $34
today’s selection of assorted fresh sashimi

Sushi – sml $22/lge $34
today’s selection of assorted nigiri sushi
(sml 5pcs/lge 8pcs)

Sushi rolls
Double salmon roll $19
8pcs of roll with spicy raw salmon inside an
outer layer of seared salmon and mayo

Spider roll $19
8 pcs of roll with softshell crab tempura &
mustard mayo
Prawn tempura roll $19
8 pcs of roll with prawn tempura, avocado &
mustard mayo

Shimbashi roll $9.5

8 pcs of thin roll with spicy raw salmon & mayo

Thin rolls
Salmon $8

Tuna (cooked) $10

Avocado $8

Orion Beer 500ml (can) $9
Coke/Sprite 330ml (bottle) $3.5
Calpis Water (can) $3.5
Oolong Team (can) $3.5

* If you don't see your favourite menu item,
please ask our friendly staff!

* Delivery: Min. order $50. Free to postcodes
2089/2090, and $5 fee to nearby suburbs:
Cammeray, Mosman, North Sydney,
Crows Nest, Milsons Point
* Wine available at deep discounts -
please ask!

* Menu items pricing and delivery conditions
subject to change at any time without notice.

"Shimbashi is simply my favourite restaurant in Sydney. I am an aficionado of several of Sydney’s top Japanese restaurants, but the culinary artistry of Shimbashi and the excellent staff service are unbeatable. I visit Japan every year and have visited many of the leading restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka including Jiro in Roppongi but to me, Shimbashi is equal to any restaurant I have been to in Japan. I love the sushi – the best in town – and the asparagus in pork belly, or the soba dips, but the teppan-yaki is also just excellent! - Check it out!"
Richard Clapton


"I drive 2 hours to have SOBA lunch on my day off everyweek. Yes, it is worth it!!"
Yasukazu Chatani

"This is just my most favourite Japanese restaurant on the north shore. Every time I visit (which is almost once a week) I have a fabulous meal and wonderful service."
Elaine Seidler

"Great food and service. I love the Okonomi-yaki."
Bob Seidler



(02) 9904-3011

*No lunch on Thursdays